About Lift Efoil

Fly above water

What is Lift eFoil?

The Lift eFoil is an electric hydrofoil. It evokes a unique and exhilarating experience where riders fly silently above the water without the need for wind or waves –  no noise and zero emissions!

All-carbon fibre hydrofoil

Advanced lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor

Wireless Bluetooth hand controller

Over an hour of ride time at up to 25miles or 35 km per hour

How does it work?

  • Using an advanced Lithium-Ion battery to power a silent electric motor, the Lift eFoil uses hydrodynamic torpedo design to raise riders on the hydrofoil to fly above the water.
  • You control the speed with a wireless handheld throttle, delivering up to 1 hour of exhilarating ride on nearly any surface of the water at speeds of more than 35km/18, 64 miles per hour.
  • The eFoil breaks into three components- the boardthe foil (both made of premium carbon fibre) and the motor, and it´s easily assembled and taken apart. Its combined weight is just 14kg/30,8lb

Lithium Ion Batteries

  • The Lift eFoil custom high energy density lithium battery is enclosed in a rugged IP68 waterproof housing that allows it to be transported and installed safely, keeping the internal components protected from moisture and corrosion.
  • Its highly sophisticated battery management system protects it against overcharging, overcurrent, excess voltage, deep discharge, short-circuit and overheating.
  • The Lift Foil battery lasts up to 1 hour (depending on rider weight/speed), is easily interchangeable and recharges in less than 2 hours. Weight 13.6kg/29,9lb.

Wireless handheld throttle

  • The wireless handheld throttle controller delivers an effortless, smooth ride. With a press of the lever, a wireless signal is sent to the board, and the motor reacts instantaneously to adjust speed, taking riders up to 25 miles or 40 km per hour.
  • The controller is secured to the rider with a strap. On its screen, it displays key info such as speed settings, alerts and battery level, and is waterproof and buoyant. (Photo of the throttle)

Motor & Propellers

  • The motor is designed to be an extension of the rider. Unlike gas engines, electric motors have no lag and deliver maximum torque on command. This instant response gives riders complete control over speed, creating a safer and more exhilarating ride.
  • With hydrodynamic torpedo design, the board pierces through the water with minimal drag. At the same time, the eFoils built-in computer delivers the perfect accelerations, decelerations and speed outputs, so riders get the most stability and control on the water.
  • The ducted propeller offers the best thrust to energy ratio over a range of speeds, which helps conserve the battery and maximizes power for ideal riding experience. Every component is double sealed using high-end corrosion-resistant materials. (Photo of the propellers)

Safety Features

  • The engine shuts off if the throttle is released, if the controller is submerged in water, or if it´s more than 10 feet or 3 meter from the eFoil.
  • When the battery is low, it will automatically throttle back to low power to get the rider and the eFoil back to shore safely.
  • For added safety, the battery can disconnect automatically from the system when needed.

The Lift Foil is available in four lengths with different wing options to adjust the ride, so it’s as much fun for professionals pushing the limits as it is for beginners, who are typically up on the board within 20-60 minutes. At Ibiza Foils we let you try it and help you buy it. What will it be?

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